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Coming off of the release of her single “FUEO”,

which has amassed over 400,000 streams on Spotify alone and counting, CeCe is back with the perfect revenge record for the new year; “Problems”.

When one of her best friends came to her broken hearted after discovering they had been brazenly cheated on by their fiance, she decided to assist in exacting retribution by blasting the betrayal to the world; “Problems” was born.

While “FUEO” “showcases the uncomfortable truth that many euphoric moments end in heartache” (Wonderland Magazine), “Problems” marks the triumphant end of blissful ignorance with all the catharsis of a classic breakup record.

This song gives anyone who's ever been betrayed by someone they love an outlet to be as petty and spiteful as they want for 3:13. It gives them the catharsis they need to leave that person/pain behind and truly move on.

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