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JUNE 2023



Heat Above

Slow Down

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Fueled by catchy twists and rousing energy,

Heat Above unleashes the kind of rock anthem fit for a stadium.


Hailing from the Flint, Michigan area, the band consists of Brady Lott, Jack Davis, and Michael Davis.

The collective mixes genres between extravagant punk, lively rock, dance sounds and unique tunes.

With their debut EP "Jellyfish", which was recorded at Rooftop Recording with Dave Roof, Heat Above have assembled an eclectic collection of polished studio songs in a short time.


The band has opened for Scotty Austin, Enuff Z'Nuff, Charlotte Sands, and Wildstreet. Looking ahead, there's plans to continue releasing new releases and performing throughout the Midwest with the goal of providing an inspirational escape from reality through their songs.


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