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Electronic Music Competition information

For the best electronic music

The Best Electronic Music Submission Will Win A $200 Campaign.

To Enter, All You Need Do Is:

* Upload Your Best Electronic Song To

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Terms And Conditions

1) Winner will be announced via email on the 31/10/22 and through publications on our website.
2) We are not obligated to approve every song submitted onto our platform. 
3) The winning prize will be delivered to the winner in the form of coupon code worth $200. 
4) The competition is only open for electronic music genres, including Dance, House, Trap, Trance and any other electronic music genre. 
5) In case there won't be enough music submissions and/or artists will not follow the competition rules and/or the quality of the songs submitted are not up to standard, One Submit holds the right to delay or cancel the winning prize until a winning music track will be found.