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Spotify         Campaign

All About Trigerring Spotify's Algorithmic Playlists


Boost Your Campaign!

Generate organic streams using our new service: Spotify ad campaign.
Our campaigns tend to trigger Spotify's algorithmic playlists.

This leads to long-term organic growth, even after the campaign is completed.

Eventually, the campaign led to 16,900 streams and is still counting after the campaign was done

Screen Shot 2024-06-20 at 11.39.18.png
Screen Shot 2024-06-20 at 11.39.18.png
Spotify for artists results

Our campaign

triggered the algorithmic playlists, including

"Discover Weekly"

The campaign

also triggered

Spotify's radio

Algorithmic playlist placement


of the streams

were generated from algorithmic playlists 

Long term


of streams

after the


has ended 

Get Your Music Heard (1920 x 1080 px).jpg

A Spotify ad report was issued

at the end of

the campaign

Case Study

"The Minutes" by Anthony Vega

The track was released in 2018. 6 years later, the artist purchased

a small Spotify ad campaign for 5,000 streams. 

We Do NOT Use
fake bots to generate streams!

We Use

Only Spotify Ads 

An ending statement from Spotify studio

ad will be issued to you at the end of your campaign.  

How It Works ?



 Register and upload your music 


On the campaign page choose your release date and your music genre


​On our knob page choose
your Spotify ad package size


Choose your targeted county


Choose 5 similar artists


Launch your campaign

Spotify ad Campaigns are one month long.

You will receive an ending statement from Spotify studio ads at the end of your campaign. 

Our Spotify ad campaigns are pretty simple to use.
You can choose a package from 5,000 streams up 5,000,000 streams
using only the Spotify ad method. Visit our
pricing page to find out more. 

How to start your Spotify ad campaign?

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How do we do it 

Our campaigns are targeted at your fans, and their listening behavior.
Using different kinds of ad formats, including audio ads, visual ads, video ads, and play ads, we target Spotify users, run ads to free and premium subscribers, including desktop and app users, basically everyone who play music within your music genre and your targeted location.

We make sure that our Spotify audio ad has a snippet of your music, so we can advertise it to your target audience, and eventually your track has the potential to be included in their favorite music.

Our ads on Spotify do not target podcast listeners.


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Ready to do great things with your music?

Spotify Ads

Transforming The World of Audio Advertising

In the world of music promotion, Spotify is now an important player. It revolutionizes how brands reach their audiences with audio ads. Spotify, which has over 400 million users all over the world, and with so many users, Spotify knows how to target them.

The Progression of Spotify Advertising

Spotify initially introduced display ads and audio spots for advertising. However as user preferences and technological advancements evolved, so did Spotify's ad offerings.

Today Spotify offers a variety of ad formats such as:

Audio Ads
These form the core of Spotify advertising. Are played during breaks between songs. They provide a way to reach users without being intrusive while using data to target listeners based on their music tastes, demographics and listening behaviors.


Video Ads
This category includes Sponsored Sessions and Video Takeovers that offer users ad listening in return for watching a video ad. It proves effective, for brands aiming to capture users' full attention.


Display Advertisements

These advertisements, like overlays, homepage takeovers and branded playlists add a component to Spotify's advertising lineup. They work alongside audio and video ads to boost brand recognition and interaction.


Podcast Advertising
As podcasts gain popularity, Spotify has included advertisements in its range of podcasts. These advertisements can be inserted dynamically, enabling time targeting opportunities.
Podcast ads are now on Spotify because lots of people listen to podcasts. These ads can be added and changed as needed, with the ability to target and measure in real time.


Smartly aiming and customizing

Spotify is really good at finding the right people for its music. Spotify uses information about users to make ads that are made just for them. Brands can choose who sees their ads based on many different things, like:



Demographics include targeting users based on their information about people like their age, whether they are male or female, and where they live. This information helps companies and artists find the right people to advertise with.

Listening habits

The time of day, what device is being used, and the reason for listening (like exercising or relaxing) can help us reach specific groups of people more effectively. This makes sure that ads are more relatable to listeners, making both the ads and the experience better.


Measuring if something goes well

Spotify has strong tools to check how well ads are doing. Statistics like how many times an ad is seen, how often people click on it, and how often people finish watching the ad help advertisers understand how much people are getting involved with the ad and make their plans better. Also, Spotify works with other companies to make sure that the information they report is honest and accurate.


Stories about people who have been successful

Many companies have used Spotify ads and got good results. For example, ASOS used Spotify's Sponsored Sessions to get more young people to know about their clothes. The campaign made more people remember the ads and know about the brand. 


Future outlooks

Spotify ads have a bright future with new and exciting things on the way. As technology gets better, we can expect to see more specific ads, better types of ads, and more connections with other digital marketing. Additionally, the use of voice-controlled devices and smart speakers create new chances for ads you can talk to, which makes the ads more interesting and involving.


Spotify ads have changed the way companies advertise on audio. They give artists and brands a special way to reach and connect with the people they want to reach. Spotify is a leader in digital marketing because it has lots of different ways to show ads, can target specific groups of people, and has strong data about how the ads are doing. As the platform grows, it will definitely keep changing the way audio ads work. This will give brands more chances to connect with listeners in a meaningful way.

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