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We are working hard to give better results to our artists.

Here's what we've done recently to help our artists get more streams:

* Minimum music placements of three weeks

Starting this coming month, playlist curators will be required to place your music for at least 3 weeks, some playlists leave the song for a few months. 

*  More streams per Follower

In the last few months, we removed Spotify playlisters that were generating fewer streams and registered playlisters with a higher stream-per-follower ratio.
If your placement does not generate any streams for your music,
contact us, and we will refund you for that submission

* A minimum of 4% approval for every curator

We want to give a better return to every artist. Curators cannot decline all songs; Now, they need to approve at least 4% of the songs submitted to them.

Thank you for being a member of One Submit
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