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We Help Great Songs Get On Great Playlists
Our playlists can generate up to 1,000 streams per day

Playlist genrated streams

Data taken from

We do NOT submit your music to fake bot playlists!

We do NOT Generate fake streams for your music. 

We do NOT submit your music to playlists with more then 300 songs

For every submission, you will receive a written review from our curators,
If they like your music, they will add it their playlist, blog, channel or radio station. 

Who are our Curators

We have more than 1500 curators on our platform, which will help you reach your music target audience. These curators range from a variety of different genres.

Our curators are divided by playlist size, which is determined

by the number of followers for each playlist or channel.

Here's a sample of curators we work with:

Spotify Curator

Spotify curator
200,000+ Playlist followers

YouTube Music Channel

Don's Tunes 
YouTube Channel 1,500,000 Subscribers

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-08 at 11.04.58.jpeg

TikTok Influencer 
4.6 Million

Record Label

Pop Record Label

Music Blogger

Sono Music
Music Blogger & Label

Radio Station

Radio Station

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What's our agenda?

 The Artist Comes First

  Only Genuinely Organic

Curators And Playlists

Every Music Submission Is Reviewed - Guaranteed!

 Only Genuinely Organic  

Curators And Playlists

Maximum Of 300 Songs

On A Spotify Playlist

What we do

We are a one stop shop for all your music promotion needs!

You can submit music to Spotify playlists, send your song to radio stations, 

submit music to blogs, record labels, TikTok influencers and Youtube channels.

Artists releasing music can promote music on 6 different streaming platforms!

(Deezer Playlists and Apple Music coming soon)

We help independent artists grow their music career through online music submissions

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What artists think about us?

Notes: Artists do not need an electronic press kit to use our platform nor any large social media following. We currently do not promote music videos. We do not publish anything on your personal social media platform or streaming platforms. Read more about the changes we've made recently.  Visit our pricing page our current prices

Our Featured blog articles

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How do you get your tracks on playlists?

Should you focus your efforts on

Spotify, Apple music or Deezer?

Which one should you choose?


5 Famous Independent Artists Who Made It Big All On Their Own

Success stories of 5 different

independent artists who decided to break the norm and eventually managed to flourish and make it in the industry.

how to promote music

Using Spotify music promotion services,
Playlist placement, 
or just trying

to grow your fan base? 

How to stand out and promote

your music in the 2023.

7 Tips On How To Submit
Your Music To Blogs

Blogs are a great way  to get your music exposed and  listened to by new audiences.

Here are 7 best tips on how to get your music onto music blogs.


How to get radio airplay for

your latest music,

check out our latest artist tips. 

6 Best Ways To Submit Music To Radio Stations

 Spotify's editorial playlists are

the holy grail of all Spotify playlists and every artists trying to get his music heard.
find out how to submit your tracks to these playlists.

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