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Why Tik Tok Is The Best Platform To Promote Your Music

upload your music onto TikTok and gain music exposure through tiktok users using your songs when creating their videos. Submit your music to TikTok Influencers
Find Out Why TikTok Is The Best Current Platform To Promote & Expose Your Music

  1. Your options for uploading music on TikTok

  2. Upload a video with your music on TikTok

  3. How to make music go viral on TikTok?

  4. Use digital music distribution platforms

  5. Approaching & collaborating with TikTok Influencers

  6. How to Grow Your Following and Views on TikTok

TikTok is currently the most dominant social media platform in the world! The platform hosts a whopping 1 billion active monthly users. Out of 4.48 billion active social media users in the world, 22.32% use TikTok on a regular basis.

Spotify, which is another amazing music streaming platform ,has over 406 million active monthly users. TikTok currently has double the amount of monthly users than Spotify, which puts into perspective the opportunity TikTok holds for music artists trying to promote their songs.

A massive benefit of using TikTok is that it brings with a sense of authenticity and creativity to its platform, which allows Tiktok users to explore and use their imagination to its fullest, with only minor limitations in place.

1: Your options for uploading music on Tiktok:

There are a few options to choose from when starting your musical journey on TikTok. You can either use an online music distributor to upload your music directly onto TikTok, or you can upload your song directly onto the TikTok app.

Most music distributors have the option to upload your music onto Spotify as well as Apple Music, Deezer and more. Only a select number of music distributors allow you to create a snippet of your song, on their platform, before you upload it to TikTok. Other distributors only provide you with the option to upload a whole song, without any editing options. Music distributors will place your song on TikTok, and will make it accessible for any TikTok creator to use your song for their own videos.

Another easy way to promote your music is by uploading a video on TikTok, with your original sound/song as the audio. Once you upload your video, the sound/song of your video will be available for TikTok creators to use it for their videos if they wish to do so on the Tiktok platform.

upload your songs as a TikTok sound and let other TikTok creators make videos using your songs

The question I'm sure you are wondering is, “how do I upload a song on TikTok?”

2: Upload a video with your music on TikTok:

TikTok allows each user to upload a video with your music on their platform. Once you upload a video, follow the steps below on how to upload your music/song on the TikTok app.

Make a video for TikTok on another video editing platform such as InShot, and add your song as the original audio to the video.

Upload your ready made video with your original music/song on TikTok.

Once uploaded, click on the profile photo in the bottom right-hand corner & add your sound to your favorites.

Name your sound with the artist (your name) & track name. By doing this, other users will be able to trace the sound back to your TikTok artist profile.

Wait for TikTok creators to start using your sound/song for their videos or even on a TikTok challenge.

You will be able to analyse your songs popularity & performance on TikTok, as time goes by. The more catchy your song is, the better your chances are of your song becoming popular, a viral success, or even a popular TikTok trend.

3. Use digital music distribution platforms:

As mentioned above, music distribution platforms such as CD Baby, Distrokid & Record Union can assist you in uploading your sounds/songs onto TikTok as well as Spotify & Apple Music.

These platforms bypass the hassle of you manually uploading TikTok videos with your song as the sound. Do some research on which music distribution platforms have the option to edit & create a snippet of your song, prior to uploading it to the digital distribution platform.

Using these platforms however, does not guarantee that a TikTok user will use your songs for their videos. So how do you reach TikTok influencers and get your music on their videos?

Our platform One Submit provides a service where you can upload your songs on our platform, and we will send it to TikTok influencers & curators to listen to. The curators will review your song, and if they like it, they will use it when creating their TikTok videos, which will promote your music exponentially.

One Submit will provide you with detailed reports on how many playlists & channels added your song, as well as the number of followers & song streams you have received.

4: How to make music go viral on TikTok:

TikTok's "for you page" or "FYP" creates unique and specific feeds for each user based on their TikTok algorithm. The more a TikTok user uses the app, the more personalized their FYP becomes. Tiktok influencers hold the power of being able to create new TikTok challenges, TikTok trends, and TikTok dances while also being a great source for music promotion. With new trends appearing the music industry and TikTok go hand in hand allowing for songs made by small music artists to go viral and have their music on TikTok.

Music business can be a hard task to manage. However, the music industry has gained so much success because artists are able to promote music on TikTok by using an audio clip from their song and other TikTok accounts are able to generate content with that same audio clip.

Having your song go viral and appear in many dance videos or TikTok content will then boost your songs to active TikTok users and can even show up on TikTok's recommendation engine making your song officially distributed and a chance to gain a massive audience

music submission to TikTok influencers
Submit Your Music to TikTok Influencers

5: Approaching & collaborating with TikTok Influencers:

Recent studies have shown that 75% of TikTok users discover new artists on the app.

This is a clear indication on why every indie artist needs to utilize TikTok and hop on the TikTok music promotion train in order to expose their music.

Another attempt to try & promote your music is by manually reaching out or messaging TikTok & social media influencers, if it would be possible to connect & collaborate with them. If you are able to connect and collaborate with a popular TikTok curator, it will have a massive positive impact on your music exposure.

6: How to Grow Your Followers and Views on TikTok:

Users are able to interact directly with TikTok's platform and connect their Facebook and Instagram to TikTok. This allows users to build a TikTok account and expand its network, helping the artist grow in followers and effectively promote music.

All artists have an image that they create for themselves and need to uphold and keep. With having an image, artists need to identify their target audience and create content that represents who they are and what their music stands for. This will help attract the right audience and expand your followings, views, and fan base while also promoting your music.

It's clearly proven that TikTok is currently the best social media platform for indie artists to promote & expose their music. The features and tools within TikTok provides an overall massive opportunity to any indie artist wanting to get their music heard!

Good Luck!!

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