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Submit Music to YouTube Channels - One Submit
Send Music to TikTok Influencers - One Submit
Sign a Record Deal - One Submit
Get On Music Blogs - One Submit
Send Your Music To Radio Stations - One Submit

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Every Submission Gets a Review, Guaranteed!!

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For Artists
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Upload your music - One Submit
Submit and promote yoru music with One Submit

Choose the music genre that fits your music. 

Choose Music Genres and release date for your music campaign - One Submit

Start your campaign and send your music to 
Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, TikTok influencers, music blogs or radio stations. 

Get your music reviewed but music curators from all around the world - One Submit

Get notified when your music is approved by our curators and placed on the playlist, blog, or channel.

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Artists Should Be Artists, Not Promoters.

Artists should be artists, not promoters.
One Submit is your personal, self-service music PR platform.
We help independent artists promote music and build their music careers.
Think of us as a music PR agency of the new age.
We help artists promote their music on Spotify playlists, music blogs, online radio stations, YouTube channels, TikTok influencers, and labels, all in one place. 
Our platform uses only genuine real-humen curators, with playlists and channels up to millions of followers.

We don't do magic; in order to get good results and get your music on valuable playlists, you will need to deliver great music with top-notch production, and we will do the rest. 
We know there are many music promotion companies out there.
Our service is fast and efficient and was built to make the artist's life easy and deliver results in the music industry.
You do not need to have a PR strategy, music public relations, or contacts with music journalists or music publicists.
You can set up your music PR campaign, add your press releases and your media outlets, add your new music, Spotify song link or MP3, media contacts,
and submit music to our music curators. If you're looking for an effective music promotion service, One Submit is the place for you.

One Submit is your personal music PR service. ​

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Music PR for Independent Artists

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