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How It Works

Upload your TikTok sound
Submit music to TikTok creators

Choose TikTok category​, such as:  Dance, Lip Sync, Fashion, Gaming etc.... 

Submit music to TikTok Influencers

Submit your music to TikTok influencer with 1, 2, 3 or 4 Million subscribers

Your Music on TikTok Video

TikTok creators will share your music on their video. You will approve the final video. Get detailed data about shares, likes and views of your music.

Basics of TikTok Music Promotion

With over 1 billion people using TikTok every day, it's now one of the most popular social media platforms for promoting music in today's world. Effective TikTok campaigns can help boost an artist's songs to new levels by reaching the app's active and lively audience.


The Importance of Using TikTok for Music Discovery

In today music marketing landscape, TikTok has an exceptionally active user base that is continuously discovering, sharing, and reposting new music. Songs featured in popular TikTok channels, different challenges, dances, lip syncs, reaction videos, and more can go viral rapidly. Once a track starts gaining attention, it can spread to platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Several artists such as Lil Nas X, Beach Bunny and Tai Verdes have risen from obscurity solely based on viral TikTok challenge popularity.

By targeting TikTok’s demographics and aesthetics, musicians can gain ideal exposure, increase their TikTok presence and boost their music career. Promoting music through TikTok influencer marketing using the creator TikTok channel is effective by having creators feature songs in their own comedy, dance, gaming, art, or fashion videos. The right TikTok campaign can lead to massive exposure and can have ripple effects to other music platforms. Additionally it can impact your Spotify artist account, streaming, fan base and much more.


How One Submit Helps Artists Succeed on TikTok

At One Submit we offer the most cost-efficient TikTok promotion service that helps artists effectively distribute songs on the platform. Our service specialises in launching viral campaigns optimised for music discovery. 

 Strategies include pitching tracks to TikTok influencers for content creation whilst working closely with our influencers. Promotions can be customized based on budget - videos will be created by influencers with followings ranging from 500k to 4.8 million reaching the desired Tiktok target audience. One Submit handles securing impactful yet affordable promotions while TikTok content creators decide on video concepts themselves to make their own videos.


With hands-on guidance for succeeding on TikTok as a platform to promote music, artists can gain fans and increase streams. By leveraging One Submit's industry connections and marketing strategies, musicians can launch their careers to new levels. TikTok offers immense potential that can be tapped into correctly using targeted TikTok campaigns. One Submit enables artists unprecedented growth through this vital platform, Optional video concept with a popular TikTok trends are coming soon as other social media platforms

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Our TikTOK
Music Blogs 

Promote music to TikTok creators

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How a young indie artist, with no ties to the music industry, made it big with the help of TikTok videos.

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Exciting News
for Independent Artist 

Exciting news for independent artists active on TikTok and Spotify who want to boost their music careers and promote music on TikTok. Spotify has partnered with TikTok to make it easy for TikTok users to quickly add songs they hear on the app to Spotify playlists. This means TikTok views can help with your Spotify promotion.

Spotify Free and Premium users in the US and UK can save TikTok songs directly to a "Liked Songs" playlist on Spotify without switching apps. TikTok now has a "Add Song" button that sends the video's song straight to your Spotify library.

The button appears next to the music name at the bottom of TikTok videos in your "For You" feed. You can save the song to Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify. The first time you use the button, pick your preferred streaming service.​

How to connect Spotify and TikTok

 1.  Update your Spotify and TikTok apps. 

2. Make Spotify your default music service in TikTok settings or when you first use the "Add Song" button.

3. Tap "Add to Spotify" on TikTok to automatically save songs to your Spotify library.

     They will appear in your "Liked Songs" playlist.

 4. Listen to your favorite songs!

     You can also use TikTok's "Add to Music" on an artist's audio details page.

     This eliminates app switching and searching to easily revisit songs later for a full listen. 

For music artists, it will increase popularity and listeners on Spotify by capturing casual TikTok listeners and directing them to full artist profiles. Independent artists will likely see more exposure to a wider audience and increased monthly listeners on new Spotify releases as people click on TikTok songs, revisit them and triggering TikTok algorithm. More interaction generates more plays, attention from playlist music curators, triggers Spotify's algorithm, and hopefully leads to editorial playlists.

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how to promote music on TikTok >>

We Are

We help music artists share new songs and TikTok sounds to TikTok Videos generated from different TikTok creators and TikTok users. Artists submit their music to TikTok through Music submissions to our music partners, TikTok creators and TikTok influencers. TikTok music promotion will be available soon. 
We are not affiliated with TikTok app, TikTok account is required to set up your campaign. We do not integrate with your artist's official TikTok account, user generated content, or your TikTok videos.
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