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TikTok Music Promotion

Send Music to TikTok Influencers - One Submit

Promote Your Music To TikTok Influencers from 1 To 4  Million Followers,
Reach Millions Of Users And Go Viral 

TikTok Submissions Guaranteed or Money Back

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For Artists
TikTok submission

How It Works

Upload your music - One Submit
Access and discover new artists - One Submit

Choose TikTok Category​, such as
Dance, Lip Sync, Fashion, Gaming etc.... 


Choose Music Genres and release date for your music campaign - One Submit

Submit your music to TikTok influencer with 1, 2, 3 or 4 Million Followers

Get your music reviewed but music curators from all around the world - One Submit

TikTok Influencers will share your music on their video. You will approve the final video.
Get detailed data about shares, likes and views of your music.

Submit music to TikTok Influencers with:



3 Million

1 Million

4 Million

2 Million

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The Alexandra Kay Story

TikTok music promotion is one of the
most effective ways to go viral with your music, 
check out our latest blog on


How a young indie artist, with no ties to the music industry, made it big with the help of TikTok videos.


Find out how 'Beach Bunny' got their
song to go viral on TikTok without even knowing what the app is.

The Ultimate Music Promotion Platform


We help music artists share new songs and TikTok sounds to TikTok Videos generated from different TikTok creators & TikTok users. Artists submit their music to TikTok through Music submissions to our music partners, TikTok creators and TikTok influencers. TikTok music promotion will be available soon. 
We are not affiliated with TikTok app, TikTok account is required to set up your campaign. We do not integrate with your artist's official TikTok account, user generated content, or your TikTok videos

Facebook - One Submit
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