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How to Blow Up on TikTok as An Artist: Best Tips for Musicians

Seeing people make up dances and use your music on a platform like TikTok is the ideal scenario. And it's something that isn't out of reach. Social media platforms have made more than a few new artists become 'overnight' successes. 

But we all know that the TikTok algorithm doesn't work unless you do. So, how can you maximize your visibility? 

Why does TikTok work for musicians?

TikTok for Artists
TikTok for Artists

TikTok changed how people consume content and gave musicians a new place to explore. Since TikTok is used globally, you never know who will use your music. Your song can go viral overnight and hit a much wider audience if the right influencer uses it. A combination of using the pre-release promo tools and getting on the right curation list can see thousands of streams. 

The beauty of TikTok is that the clips are short, and trends come and go at high speed. There have been some huge TikTok hits in the last few years. Catchy sections of songs get stuck in users' heads - and they want more. They'll head to your profile to get it. 

Here is what makes TikTok such a strong platform for music promotion: 

  • It's a place for authenticity - you can share your story and music

  • In terms of brand building, it is excellent

  • Showcase your music before it hits streaming services 

  • The TikTok audience is billions strong

  • TikTok content creators want to use new music to start new trends

TikTok is part of a wider music marketing strategy that, when done well, feels more like fun. And, the benefits can be huge. 

TikTok Musician Profile Basics 

Your content should be interesting enough to get people to the most important thing – your bio. Make sure you are set to a business account straight away. 

Your profile needs to be packed with information and delivered in a simple-to-digest way. Who are you? What do you do? And most importantly, where can people find more?

It is so important for musicians to have their music across various music streaming services. Not everyone has Spotify or Apple Music, so in your profile, give people options. 

The TikTok Artist account is designed to give you a host of tools to help you connect with your audience. TikTok calls it a 'shop window' for people to discover who you are and your music. Activate the music tab to get started with the tools. 

Activate your music tab to promote your music
Activate your music tab to promote your music

Remember that streams = revenue, and maximizing that is a must. Use the New Release tool to promote tracks for 14 days before release. And since users love some BTS - no, not the band, but real Behind The Scenes stuff, use the Behind the Song feature to share your unique story. 

If you're reading this and haven't got your music on the big streaming services yet - that's the first task. There are many aggregates you can use to make that happen. And the biggest tip? Ensure you have a TikTok music promotion campaign that includes TikTok influencers. 

TikTok Musician Monetization

First things first – all the music on TikTok is free to use by any creator because the platform has deals with all the big record labels. For independent artists, CD Baby and similar services are a good option. They let artists upload to many streaming platforms and TikTok.

Other streaming services in the music industry, such as SoundCloud and Spotify, pay based on streams. But TikTok pays based on how many people use your sound. That's why curators are vital for money on Spotify and TikTok. 

You will be paid for each new piece of video content created; reports state it is $0.03 per new video, regardless of views. 

Maximizing your earnings

Maximizing your TikTok music earnings and blowing your TikTok profile go hand in hand. Here are some no-nonsense tips: 

  • Create content focusing on the music, take people with you in writing, and let people join in and support you. And create short clips that have viral potential. 

  • Reach out to other musicians on TikTok for collaborations. 

  • Work on your hashtag game. Use #newmusic #undiscoveredartists #songwriting, etc. But add trending tags where they fit.

  • Aim to build a community. Engage with the people who engage with you. Also, look for other musicians on TikTok. 

  • Take part in trends when it makes sense.

  • Link your streaming platforms. People can explore your music and more on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and more.

Maximizing Exposure 

The rise of the content curator in music is powerful, and you can make more of those curators yourself and dabble in it. Create playlists that feature new artists like you. Distribute them across multiple streaming platforms using FreeYourMusic.

Make a playlist on your main streaming service. Use FreeYourMusic to copy it to others. This supports your music community and increases your visibility. You are putting your music in the playlists. A double win.

Consistency and creation are key to ensuring your TikTok is popping off in no time! Some useful blog articles for artists:


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