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A Game-Changer Service on One Submit: Triggering Spotify's Algorithmic Playlists Using Spotify Ads.

Spotify algorithmic playlists
Spotify algorithmic playlists

Featuring on Spotify algorithmic playlists is one of the most effective ways to build organic streams and grow your audience. A new campaign plan by One Submit using Spotify ads is cracking Spotify's algorithmic playlists.

One Submit is launching today a new revolutionary plan based on Spotify ads. The plan guarantees a specific number of streams, according to the artist budget, but can also, in most cases, trigger Spotify algorithmic and editorial playlists.

The new plan, launched in June 2024, is a game-changer for independent artists who want to promote their music and gain exposure. Using a unique method of Spotify ads, we’ve managed to scale up the number of streams we generate for artists compared to regular Spotify ad campaigns. All streams are done organically, using Spotify ads, and the artist will receive a Spotify studio ads report at the end of the campaign. The service is currently running in Beta mode, and will be available to a limited amount of artists.

There are 5 main benefits to the new Spotify ad plan:

  • Streaming is organic and guaranteed, in a legit way under Spotify’s strict compliance terms.

  • Artists don’t have to work around Spotify’s studio ads and find their way around the complicated system, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Using our unique method with Spotify ads, our results per budget are superior compering the average campaigns.

  • In most cases, the artist song will trigger algorithmic playlists, which will end up generating more streams, during and after the campaign is over.

  • Engages with Spotify users to increase the likelihood of getting noticed by the algorithm.

Cast Study - Anthony Vega

Here's a cast study we did with "Anthony Vega" track "The Minutes." "The Minutes" was released in 2018, but we've managed to place it on "Discover Weekly" in the last 28 days, 6 years after it was first released. We've launched on May 2024, a small 5,000 streams campaign, using our unique method of Spotify ads. The campaign led to more then 15,000 streams so far.

Algorithmic playlists
Spotify for artists statistics - Anthony Vega

The song landed in the Discover weekly playlist, which generated an additional 4,226 streams so far, and keeps on going, even after the campaign has ended.

Triggering Spotify's algorithmic playlists
Triggering Discover Weekly playlist.

Once an artist lands an algorithmic playlist, music discovery is booming, and the track can reach new audiences, which could eventually lead to an editorial playlist placement and even more exposure for the artist. At the end of your campaign, you will receive a Spotify studio ads summery and statistics of your campaign. Bear in mind, our new service, is not dedicated only to new music.

What is an algorithmic playlist?

Personalized playlists are created by Spotify’s algorithm and are tailored to each user’s listening habits, personal interests, and preferences. Getting into an algorithmic playlist increases your chance to grow your audience and reach thousands of streams quickly.

How the algorithm works

Spotify's algorithm creates personalized playlists using natural language processing, which studies the metadata of songs, such as genre, artist name, and song titles. This effectively groups songs of a similar genre so that playlists like ‘Spotify Radio’ are customized based on user’s preferred artists.

User engagement is also important for the algorithmic playlists on Spotify. Machine learning analyzes the data from listeners to improve recommendations for new artists and songs. Furthermore, Spotify's algorithm analyzes user interaction and listening patterns, such as how often a song is downloaded, skipped, or added to a playlist. In analyzing the retention rate, Spotify identifies songs that resonate with listeners the most, and adds them to their personal algorithmic playlist.

In using collaborative analysis, the algorithmic playlists favor artists and songs that are frequently listened to and saved by listeners.

Examples of algorithmic playlists

Discover weekly

Daily Mix playlist

On Repeat

Spotify Radio

Release Radar playlist

Your Time Capsule

Spotify Wrapped

Discover Weekly playlist
Spotify ad campaign

  • Discover Weekly - Updated every Monday, it serves up fresh new 30 song recommendations, including new releases but also some old songs, all based on your favorite genres and styles. It's a great way to find artists you'll like. Daily Mix - A collection of playlists combining your favorite tracks with new songs matched to your taste profile and listening history. The Daily Mixes recreate the feeling of listening to a radio station finely tuned just for you. On Repeat - Can't get enough of that one song or album you've been bingeing lately? On Repeat is an endless playlist that queues up similar vibes based on your repeat listens. Spotify Radio - Create an endless streaming station based on any song, artist, album, playlist or podcast. Radio mode will endlessly pull in tracks that complement the original seed incredibly well. Release Radar - This one rounds up all the latest new releases from the artists you follow and listen to most often. It's the best way to automatically stay ahead of fresh drops from your favorites. Your Time Capsule - A nostalgic playlist compiling songs that were popular during your childhood/teen years based on your birth year. It's an auditory blast from the past, personalized just for you. Spotify Wrapped - This is Spotify's annual roundup playlist showcasing your most-streamed songs from the past year, bundled into a fun, shareable package each December.

How to boost your chances with the algorithm

As mentioned, One Submit offers a service using Spotify ads, which in most cases will place the article on one of Spotify's algorithmic playlists. This is done in compliance with Spotify terms and conditions, The new plan, generates streams to trigger the Spotify algorithm. While campaigns are often one-month-long, this service will often ensure that streams will continue to build after the campaign is over.

Additional Services on One Submit

In addition to our new Spotify ad campaign, if you're releasing new music, you can use our service to submit to Spotify playlists, music blogs, TikTok influencers with up to 4.8 million followers, YouTube channels, and online radio stations. Spotify playlist submission, YouTube, blogs, and radio are on a basis of "Pay for consideration" unlike Spotify ad campaigns, which generate guaranteed organic streams. Our platform can be a game changer when it comes to promoting music in an efficient and fast way. Bear in mind, your music needs to be top notch to receive great results.

Final Words

Getting onto Spotify's algorithmic playlists requires perseverance and persistence with your music. Make sure that you continue to engage with your audience, encourage them to save your music on their Spotify playlists, and focus on your promotional campaign to build your audience and gain organic streams. Tips for artists: Visit our Spotify ad campaigns page Read about Spotify algorithmic playlists Check out our music promotion page


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