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TikTokers Earnings and Requirements

Earnings Per Placing Music on One Video 

Accounts with:
500,000 Plus Followers - $45
750,000 Plus Followers - $60

1 Million Plus Followers -   $90

2 Million Plus Followers - $130

How it works:

You have to listen to a song for at least 45 seconds.
If you decide to create a video with the music,
You have 48 hours to provide your TikTok video with the artist's music.
Earnings are wired once a month, with a minimum of $50 in earnings.



* The average views of your last 15 videos should be no less than 1% of the number of your followers. ​
* Minimum of 15-second video
* No screenshot video
* 2 days to provide a video
* Music should be solo and without any talking or voiceover.

Registration link:

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Visit our TikTok music submission page, 
Read about how to promote music on TikTok

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