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Black and White Cyber Dark Mode Music Cover Instagram Post (1400 × 900 פיקסל) (1200 × 800

What Artists Think About Us

How One Submit Started

It all started when I was struggling with promoting my music. 

I remember finishing my song and starting to promote my music for one of my new singles. 

It was frustrating!

I wasted a month and half sending 300 emails submitting my music to Spotify curators,

bloggers, labels, YouTube channels and whoever else I could send my song to. 

None of them replied... 

Later I’ve realised that it wasn’t about my music,
curators were receiving music submissions from 200 artists a day and they were
not capable to reply to each individual artist, whether the song was good or not. 


I remember saying to myself, this is wrong. 

Artists shouldn't waste their time promoting music.

 If an artist has a well produced song, they deserve to get real exposure, and 

a decent chance to become great. 


These are the foundations of why One Submit was established.
The motto that guides us along the way is:

Artists should be Artists, not promoters,

and this is what keeps us going. 


After 2 years of constructing and building the best platform we can, 

We’ve officially launched One Submit. 

The platform was born with the agenda of placing

all music promotion services under one unique platform. 

Spotify playlist submissions, Radio music submissions, Blogs,

TikTok influencers, YouTube music channels and Record labels. 

For every music submission, you will receive a review from a curator,

if he/she likes your song, they will add it to their platform. 

We work hard to provide a great service for artists

because we know how hard it is to get your music out there. 

For our music promotion service, visit our home page. 
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Good luck!! 


Oren Sharon 

Founder of One Submit 

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