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The Best Spotify Playlists in 2024!!

Looking for some playlists to jam out to?

Whether you're, into Electronic, Latin, Afrobeat, hip hop, classic rock or blues – or if you're about the classics or exploring music – you've come to the right spot!

We've rounded up the Spotify playlists for 2024 making it a breeze to discover tunes and customize your listening experience based on your mood or what you're up, to. No matter if you're driving, working out studying or partying there's a playlist to set just the right vibe for you.

How did we chose the best playlists?

It's almost impossible to find the best Spotify playlist among the million of popular playlists on Spotify. Futher more, each person has a different music taste, so there isn't one faborite playlist with the most favorite songs. Based on that, we've categorized the top Spotify playlists by by music genre, so you can find the best playlist for you.

Here's One Submit's best Spotify playlists, in 2024.

Electronic Music

★ HOUSE 2024 ★ playlist
★ HOUSE 2024 ★

Are you ready to get moving? This energetic house playlist is filled with the tracks of 2024. Immerse yourself in rhythms, uplifting anthems and underground sensations that will keep you dancing until the break of dawn. Whether you're, into hits or hidden treasures this mix has everything you need for your house party or solo workout session. Brought to you by Hot Monkey Music.


by Hot Monkey Music

Sunset Deep House playlist
Sunset Deep House

Take a journey through the colors of dusk with the Sunset Deep House playlist, let the soothing melodies of deep house music transport you to a place where the sun meets the horizon and time seems to stand. Whether unwinding after a day or enjoying a sunset gathering let Gobi Desert Collective guide you on a tranquil twilight escape.20,367 likes

by Gobi Desert Collective

The Beast. 😤 | Instant Gainz 💪 | Gym Workout & Motivation Music 🏋️ playlist
The Beast. 😤 | Instant Gainz 💪 | Gym Workout & Motivation Music 🏋️

unleash your strength with 'The Beast playlist by triasofficial. Crush your fitness goals with a mix of high energy tracks designed to take your gym sessions to heights.

Experience a burst of vitality, whether you're pumping iron hitting the gym or breaking your bests let Triasofficial be your workout partner fueling your determination and igniting your passion for fitness.



Step into the world of DJ Lovers Club Playlist specially curated for those who thrive on the pulsating beats of music. From uplifting anthems to treasures DJ Lovers Club offers a journey that transcends barriers and connects dance aficionados globally. Handpicked tracks to transport you to the core of the dance floor where music speaks volumes, vibes of DJ Lovers Club Playlist.


DJ Lovers Club

Liquid Drum & Bass
Liquid Drum & Bass || Chill DnB || Melodic Drum n Bass 2024

Get lost in the melodies of the 'Chill Drum & Bass 2024' playlist thoughtfully put together by 113th Street Music. Dive, into a mix of calming tracks and complex beats as you delve into the enchanting world of drum and bass music.


by 113th Street Music

EDM MIX 2024 playlist
EDM MIX 2024

Get ready to elevate your party vibes, with 'EDM MIX 2024 EDM HITS, TOMORROWLAND 2024' presented by the Hot Amazing Network. This lively playlist features the electronic dance music of the year delivering beats and entrancing rhythms that will surely get you moving.


by hotamazingnetwork

EDM Remixes of Popular Songs playlist
EDM Remixes of Popular Songs

Another playlist curated with a blend of top hits and energizing beats, with 'EDM Remixes of Popular Songs by DailyMixFR. Great dynamic EDM listening experience that will captivate you from beginning to end.

Very recommended playlist for the EDM lovers.


Dance Party 2024 playlist
Dance Party 2024 🔥

Light up the dance floor, with 'Dance Party 2024. This playlist is perfect, for a party, packed with the songs of the year that will definitely keep you grooving till dawn. Jai Nova has curated a mix of pulsating beats and infectious melodies to turn any gathering into a dance extravaganza.


Dance Party! Best Dance Hits playlist
Dance Party! Best Dance Hits

Let your inner dancer shine with 'Dance Party! Best Dance Hits by Lost Records. This playlist is packed with beats and irresistible rhythms featuring a collection of dancefloor favorites that will have you grooving throughout the night.


by Lost Records

Dance Hits 2000 - 2024 (Top 100) plaaylist
Dance Hits 2000 - 2024 (Top 100)

Experience the evolution of dance music through 'Dance Hits 2000. 2024' by Phonix Lab. This curated playlist takes you on a journey spanning twenty years featuring a mix of melodies and memorable songs that highlight various dance hits, from the early 2000s to the present day. Get ready to groove to the music that influenced an era.


by Phonix Lab

House Music 2024 (Top 100) playlist
House Music 2024 (Top 100)

Immerse yourself in the beats. Catchy rhythms of 'House Music 2024 (Top 100)' by UNCOMMON. This playlist features the tracks from the forefront of the house music scene offering a journey through the sounds that are shaping tomorrows dance floors. Get set to groove to the 100 tracks that define this years electronic music landscape.


Chill House 🌊 Deep House Vibes  playlist
Chill House 🌊 Deep House Vibes

Step into the world of 'Chill House 🌊 Deep House Vibes, by Forever Young. This playlist serves as your retreat, blending calming tunes and relaxed rhythms to set an atmosphere for unwinding. Whether you're relaxing by the seaside or chilling at home let Forever Young lead you to a state of tranquility.


Rock and Pop Genres

Indie pop rocks 🎸 playlist
Indie pop rocks 🎸

Explore the soundscape of pop with 'Indie Pop Rocks 🎸' by Abundant Playlists. This curated collection of tunes and captivating rhythms highlights the best of pops diverse charm. From shimmering guitars to melodies get ready for a journey filled with indie rock anthems that will have you dancing and singing along.


Indie Rock Hits 🎸 playlist
Indie Rock Hits 🎸

Oceanify presents a fix for rock enthusiasts. Dive into Indie rock vibes riffs, memorable choruses and the anthems dominating 2024s music scene. Uncover hidden treasures alongside known favorites. Whether you're rocking out or joining in on vocals this playlist offers your escape, into indie rock heaven.


Indie/rock and absolute bangers playlist
Indie/rock and absolute bangers

Zodac is hosting an indie/rock showdown! Brace yourself for a thrilling mix of tunes and energetic hits. This playlist breaks down boundaries by merging vibes, with pure rock energy. Explore gems alongside known hits. It's indie music at its best!


Best Acoustic Guitar Songs playlist
Best Acoustic Guitar Songs

Relax to the strumming of 'Top Acoustic Guitar Songs by Alessio Ansini. This collection offers an array of melodies that exude warmth and authenticity. From ballads to uplifting tracks each song highlights the timeless charm of guitar music. Let Alessio Ansini enchant you with a top notch selection of bliss.


by Alessio Ansini


From catchy indie to pop rising, Immerse yourself in the world of music with 'COZY INDIE by UNIQUE' from unique playlists. This handpicked compilation delivers a mix of tracks featuring dreamy tunes and heartfelt lyrics.


by unique playlists

Acoustic Hits 2024 playlist
Acoustic Hits 2024

Experience the essence of music, with 'Acoustic Hits 2024' by Gabriel Almeida. Immerse yourself in a curated collection of masterpieces that stand the test of time showcasing soul stirring performances and heartfelt lyrics. From favorites to treasures delve into the intimate realm of acoustic music, where every musical note resonates with genuine passion and emotion.


Acoustic Covers of Popular Songs playlist
Acoustic Covers of Popular Songs

Savor the soothing melodies of 'Pop Covers Unplugged.' This playlist pairs vocals, with guitar or piano offering a delightful blend of contemporary hits and timeless classics. Whether you're studying, working or simply chilling out let these infectious tunes set the mood for your day.


Country, Blues and Soul

Blues & Whiskey 🥃 Whiskey blues music 🎸 Whisky Blues - Best of Slow Blues/Rock playlist
Blues & Whiskey 🥃 Whiskey blues music 🎸 Whisky Blues - Best of Slow Blues/Rock

Indulge in the depths of 'Blues & Whiskey.' This playlist offers a blend of classic blues tunes and modern tracks setting the mood for late night contemplation or casual get togethers. Whether you're enjoying a glass of whiskey by a crackling fire or simply seeking some melodies let this compilation transport you to a world filled with lyrics and captivating rhythms.


Chill Out Blues & Soul playlist
Chill Out Blues & Soul

Immerse yourself in the laid back vibes of 'Chill Out Blues & Soul' by lienneay. This playlist serves as your ticket to relaxation featuring a selection of soothing blues and soul tracks. From vocals to soulful instrumentals allow yourself to be enveloped by the serene atmosphere as you unwind. Ideal for afternoons. Unwinding at the end of a busy day.


by lienneay

COUNTRY HITS 2024 🔥 New Country Songs + Top Hits playlist
COUNTRY HITS 2024 🔥 New Country Songs + Top Hits

Embark on an exploration into the heartland of America with this popular playlist. by Spot. This playlist is a journey through the hits and emerging talents in contemporary country music showcasing chart topping songs and up and coming stars, within the genre.


by Spot

Soul & Country • Country with Soul • Roots • Blues • Americana playlist
Soul & Country • Country with Soul • Roots • Blues • Americana

Delve into the blend of 'Soul & Country' curated by Retro Tones, which combines the depth of R&B with the storytelling charm of country music. From vocals, to guitar riffs immerse yourself in a diverse musical experience that resonates across different genres and connects deeply with your emotions.


by Retro Tones

Blues CLASSICS playlist

This is a throwback playlist. Step into the perfect playlist of blues music, with 'Blues CLASSICS' from Mascot Label Group. This playlist is a tribute to the artists of the genre featuring timeless hits that capture the essence of blues. From tunes to electrifying guitar solos immerse yourself in the emotions and unmatched artistry that have defined blues music for generations.


by Mascot Label Group

Soul Mode 🎷 (Neo-soul/R&B) playlist
Soul Mode 🎷 (Neo-soul/R&B)

Indulge in 'Soul Mode 🎷' curated by Afro DaPlug, a haven blending neo soul and R&B. This playlist pulses with vibes and classic rhythms creating a tapestry of emotional melodies and smooth beats. Let the enchanting vocals and captivating instruments take you on a journey of introspection and musical ecstasy stirring your soul with every note.


by Afro DaPlug


Afrobeat 2024 🔥 playlist
Afrobeat 2024 🔥

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Africa with 'Afrobeat 2024 🔥' by Basshall. This playlist is a mix of Afrobeats beats and modern sounds showcasing the latest tracks from various parts of the continent. From Afro pop hits to Afro fusion tunes lose yourself in the vibe of Afrobeat and let the music transport you to the heart of the dance floor.



Feel the heartbeat of culture with 'AFROBEATS TOP 100' by DJ Boat. This playlist is a collection of Afrobeat songs blending African rhythms, with global influences seamlessly.

Indulge, in a variety of music genres from hits to known tunes and let the vibrant beats sweep you away on a global dance journey.


Afro House 2024 🌴 (Top 100) playlist
Afro House 2024 🌴 (Top 100)

Experience the rhythms of cultures through 'Afro House 2024 🌴 (Top 100)' by UNCOMMON. This playlist offers a selection of the Afro House tracks fusing traditional African rhythms with contemporary electronic elements. Lose yourself in the tunes. Let the music carry you to a paradise getaway.


Chill Music

Chill House 2024 playlist
Chill House 2024

Immerse yourself in relaxation with 'Chill House 2024' a playlist adored by over 1 million fans worldwide. Dive into a curated mix of beats and calming melodies perfect for unwinding after a day or creating a laid back atmosphere. Join the chill movement. Allow the music to transport you to a state of serenity.


by selected.

Chill Vibes 2024 🌙 playlist
Chill Vibes 2024 🌙

Embrace nighttime vibes with 'Chill Vibes 2024 by Electro Posé. This playlist invites you into a realm of soothing tunes and ambient sounds designed to help you de stress and escape from chaos. Whether you seek solace or self reflection let Electro Posé lead you towards tranquility.


by Electro Posé

Chill Morning 2024 🏔☀️  playlist
Chill Morning 2024 🏔☀️

Kick off your mornings gently with 'Chill Morning 2024 🏔☀️' by sense.

Start your day with this calming playlist that provides a backdrop for your morning routine. With soothing melodies and joyful songs it sets the tone, for savoring your coffee watching the sunrise or getting ready, for the day. Let it help you ease into a tranquil and rejuvenating beginning.


by sense.

Whether you're a Spotify app user or a desktop listener, we hope you will enjoy hours of great new music and classics.

What's not included in our top Spotify playlist list?

We included only user generated playlists. We did not included editorial playlists managed by Spotify editorial playlists, such as New Music Friday, Mint, Today's Top Hits, Top 50 and more.

Learn more about Spotify editorial playlists, and how to get your music placed on them.

How to get your music on Spotify playlists

Getting on popular playlists on spotify can be a valuable thing for emerging artists. Playlists can expose your music to new audience, fans, followers and generate you streams exposure. but how do you get your music on Spotify playlists?

Spotify playlist submission can be done independently by the artist or by using a platform like One Submit.

Submitting music by yourself

2 things you need to do before submitting music to Spotify playlists: Make sure your music is well mixed, mastered and all set for release.

Don't forget to have some artwork ready, for your track or album. Once you're ready, use digital distribution services like DistroKid, TuneCore, CD Baby or similar platforms. They sitrbute music to all of the streaming services.

Build Your Profile; Prior, to reaching out to playlist curators ensure that you have a presence established on Spotify.

Set up your artist profile, verify it with Spotify for Artists and start building a following.

Explore Playlist Options; Search for playlists that align with your music style and make a list or a spreadsheet with contacts and links.

Connect with Playlist Curators; Once you find playlists that match your music genre reach out to the curators.

Send Your Music Submission; Follow the submission guidelines provided by the playlist curators. This typically involves sending them a link to your track on Spotify along with some background information about yourself and your music.

Maintain Professionalism and Patience; When reaching out to playlist curators remember to be courteous and patient, throughout the process.

Keep in mind that they get a lot of submissions and might not reply away or all. Stay patient and persistent. Steer clear of spamming or being too assertive.

Using a music submission platform

When you use the services of a music submission platform like ours, it could save you valuable promoting time.

Since we have a massive amount of playlists already registered with us, all you need to do is to set up your campaign and submit your music to playlists within your music genre. 

There's 3 advantages and one disadvantage choosing to submit music via music submission service:

One, Time is priceless, when using a music submission platform, you don't have to waste time, finding the right playlists for you, we already did it for you. 

Two, unlike submitting music by yourself, we guarantee a response from the playlist owner, whether he likes your music and adds it to his playlist or not, it's up to your music to perform and convince the playlister, but you will get a response and a written review, unlike submitting independently. 

Three, you won't waste time paying (in some cases) to fake playlists, because we've done all the playlist evaluating for you, all of our playlists are organic, if you find a bot playlist, we will refund you for that submission.

The one disadvantage obviously is that the service costs money, but unlike other services in the music promotion industry, our price is affordable and fair.

By the way, we've also been rated as the best music promotion service by Magnetic magazine and chatGPT. One last thing. Great playlists could generate you great streams, Each streams can pay you royalties. Read more on how much does Spotify pays per stream in 2024

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our best Playlist article. If you own a Spotify curated playlist, and you have at least 1,000 organic followers, with a maximum of 200 songs on your playlist, then you are eligible to join One Submit as a playlist curator and earn from each song submissions, read more on how to become a playlist curator


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