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Best Tips On How to Promote Music

Artist playing a guitar
Best ways to promote your music

In a nutshell, what are the best ways to promote your music?

The quickest answer is: Use social media platforms, set up your profiles on streaming platforms, submit your music to playlists, build an artist website, email marketing and newsletters, network and promote music videos, and live online performances.

Believe it or not, now is the best time to be an independent artist. Everything is reachable and available, no matter if you just started creating music or you are an established professional, releasing music to the world has become easy, cheap, and fast, and as an artist, you can promote your music independently and effectively without spending too much money.

Some call it online music promotion, digital marketing or PR services, it's all the same thing basically, and if you're independent artist, today, you can manage your music business by yourself.

Important Notes

Before you head off to promote music and set up your music marketing plan, It's important to remember two aspects that will guide you through your promotional journey.

Creating great music is essential to getting your music heard, the better your music is, the easier it will be for you to promote it. The second thing is to enjoy the process, Promotion can take time and effort, and if you are not enjoying the process, it will be very hard for you to keep going and maintain a healthy routine .

So let's get started, Here are the best music promotion tips for 2024 indie artists.

social media on mobile phone
Your music on social media

Social Media Marketing

There's many marketing strategies, social media is essential. Building a strong online presence by creating profiles on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is vital. On social media, you can share your music, updates, and behind-the-scenes content regularly and engage with your future fans.

In order to grow your fan base and followers, you will need to post regularly and consistently to keep your followers engaged and interested in your music.

So what can you post on social media?
  • Respond to comments and messages from your followers to build a sense of community and engage with your fans.

  • Collaborate with independent musicians or artists and give shoutouts to fans and other industry influencers to expand your reach and network.

  • Share behind-the-scenes content and personal stories to help existing fans connect with you and your music on a deeper level.

  • Offer exclusive content, such as early access to new music, merchandise discounts, and VIP experiences, to keep your followers engaged and interested.

  • Collaborating with different artists can help you reach new audiences and gain exposure. Try collaborating with artists in different genres or with a large following to tap into their audience.

  • Play live music online, stream live shows to your social media platforms, Live shows are a great way to showcase your music, connect with your music fans, and increase your fan base. Perform at local venues, music festivals, and events to get your music out there, just remember to stream it on your social channels.

Streaming platforms
Streaming platforms

Set Up Your Profiles on Streaming services

It is critical to upload your music to a streaming platform. If your music is not on Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming platforms, please read our blog on Which Is The Best Digital Distribution Platform? Once your music is placed on the different streaming platforms, you'll need to set up your Artist Profile on each one of them, so you'll have some insight data about your tracks, playlist placements, listeners and more. Use these links to create your artist page:

Submit Music To Playlists

  • Utilizing online music promotion services or artists services can help you reach a wider audience. These services can help you get featured on influential music blogs and playlists. The promotion service can help you secure placements on Spotify playlists, radio stations, record labels, music industry influencers and in media outlets. It's important for the artist to know his music genre, to choose a reputable and experienced company and to clearly communicate their goals and target audience to ensure the best results. Make sure you avoid any service that promises you placements without hearing your music, You can check our platform "One Submit", we help artists promote music easily and efficiently. There are all sorts of music submission services offering music promotion, research them before you use their services, ask them for their playlist links, check their followers to see if they are genuine followers. Alternatively, you can reach out to playlist curators and ask them to place your song in their playlist, but from my personal experience, most of them will not respond to your email due to the fact that they are getting a lot of music submissions. Make sure you contact music curators that are in your own musical niche, for example, if you're making HipHop music, don't submit your music to a pop music playlists. Check out the best music promotion sites here

music playlists
Submit music to playlists

Build a Great Artist Website Build a Great Artist Website An artist's website is a crucial tool for building and maintaining their fan base, establishing a professional image, and growing their career. A website provides a central location for fans to learn about the artist, their music, and upcoming events.

A well-designed website can help the artist establish a professional brand image and create a positive first impression with fans and industry professionals. An artist's website is also important to communicate with fans through a blog, newsletter, or other means, and allows you to share updates, exclusive content, upcoming tour dates, and more.

One of the most beneficial things about owning an artist website is the ability to sell merchandise, offer digital downloads, and stream their music. So how can you create your own website? Today, you can easily create your own website using services like Wix or Site123, You don't need to be a developer or designer to create your own music website; there are some cool music templates you can work with and create a custom website for yourself or your band.

Email List and Newsletter

Following the previous advice about setting up your own website, building an email list of your fans and running an email marketing campaign is the best way to engage with them. You can send a newsletter with new upcoming release, artist news, merchandise you would like to sell, events, tour dates, and more. Newsletter marketing emails are one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience.

You can also offer exclusive content and promotions to keep your subscribers engaged.

Sending news letters to fans

Networking and collaborations

This is one of our favorites, collaborating with other artists can introduce each other's fan bases to new music and help increase their visibility and reach. Working with other artists can help to develop new skills, gain new perspectives, and create a more diverse and well-rounded work process. Another great thing that might come out of music collaborations is creative stimulation. Collaborating with other artists can bring new ideas and inspiration to a project, leading to more creative and innovative results. This can be a very fruitful procedure. Needless to say, network with music industry professionals such as producers, managers, and record label representatives to help further your career. Our suggestion is to collaborate with like minded people but also look for the ones that complete you, for example, if writing lyrics is not one of your strongest points and you are better at writing music, you should find someone who is opposite you but still enjoys the same music genre that you do.

Putting The Word Out If you're a new artist who just started a music career, you could use some help getting the word out and promoting your music. Music niche blogs are a very good solution to this problem.

Music Blogs can help artists reach new audiences and increase their visibility among potential fans.

Being featured on reputable blogs can give artists credibility and legitimacy in the music industry, the bigger the blog (in terms of traffic and readers), the better it is for your exposure, Music Bloggers can provide artists with opportunities to network with industry professionals and other artists, and can provide a platform for artists to interact with fans, share news and updates, and promote their work.

Blogs can also offer artists the opportunity to monetize their content by working with brands and other promotional partners.

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band on stage
Music Collaboration

Creating and Promoting Music Videos

Producing music videos can be time consuming and also cost some money, depending on the desired video content. Nevertheless, music videos can be an important aspect of an artist's career for several reasons:

Music videos can help artists reach new audiences and increase visibility to potential fans. It's currently the best way to provide fans with a visual representation of the artist and their music, allowing them to connect with the artist on a deeper level.

Good branding can be established through great music video content, but it could also do the opposite, if your music video is not looking great.

In addition, you can monetize your video content through views and advertising revenue on platforms like YouTube. Keep in mind that you will need to reach a large number of people in order to generate a decent income that will return your investment and turn a profit.

With all that being said, one of the key factors to success is knowing your audience and where it is located. That could be all the difference between success and failure. If you're an indie pop artist, posting on rock forums, most likely you won't find any new fans there, similarly if you are a classical artist, submitting your music to Spotify hip hop playlists or a YouTube music rock playlist will bring useless results.

Live Online Performances

Setting up a live onlline performance can be really simple and easy to do. In the world where digital reigns supreme, these virtual shows offer a treasure trove of opportunities for artists to shine, connect, and skyrocket their music promotion efforts. Say goodbye to the limitations of physical venues and hello to a global audience. With online live performances, your music isn't confined to a specific location. You can serenade fans from New York to Nairobi, from Sydney to Stockholm, all from the comfort of your creative space. It's like your music is embarking on a world tour every time you hit that virtual stage.

You can use the video for a stream it online. You can also split to different videos and re-upload it to the different social media channels. It's also could be a good opportunity to how off your new album, latest releases, cover your favorite artists and collaborate with different independent artists. By the way, just because the event is online doesn't mean you shouldn't create cool tickets for your live show.

Create Great Tickets for Your Show

Tickets can be a fabulously understated yet effective marketing tool. A well-designed ticket not only communicates details about your event, promotion, etc, but also enhances the visibility of your brand or messaging. Adobe Express makes it easy to design and create a ticket exactly the way you want it to look. The Adobe Express intuitive, easy-to-use functions mean you spend less time trying to figure out how to use the program and more time creating the perfect ticket.

Starting with a ready-made concert ticket template or a movie ticket template, you can make your own design changes via a simple click-and-drag interface. The level of detail you can control gives you professional results without the enormous bill at the end. Not only is Adobe Express completely free to use, but it also allows you to make your creative visions a reality — something that is very difficult when a third party is involved. Creating your own event ticket template with Adobe Express is quick, simple, and lots of fun.

That's it.

We hope our "How to promote your music" article has given you some tools to launch your musical career forward.

Good luck.

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