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7 Tips on How to Submit Your Music to Blogs

Music blogs are a great way to get your music exposed and listened to by new audiences. Find out below our 7 best tips on how to submit music to blogs.

music submission
How To Submit Your Music To Music Blogs


  • So how do you get your submission to stand out from the rest and get your music heard by bloggers?

  • Find and create a list of music blogs based on your music genre.

  • Put together your press kit.

  • Create an email template.

  • Research blog contact details and submission guidelines for each blog.

  • Use a music submission platform.

  • Proofread your email and make sure your links work.

  • Send submissions and follow up.

In the past decade, music blogs have had a major positive impact toward indie music artists trying to promote their music. The music bloggers have given up-and-coming artists a platform to submit their music and allow their songs to get heard by new audiences and get a professional written review. Music blogs are online music publications of the 21st century.

Music blogs often have dedicated readers who are passionate about discovering new music. By submitting your music to these platforms, you can tap into an existing audience eager to explore new sounds. This increased exposure can lead to more streams, downloads, and followers on various music platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

For true music lovers who seek new music discoveries, music blogs are essential, regardless of where the online music publication based.

Receiving a review from a reputable music blog can add credibility to your work. It provides an unbiased perspective on your music, which can be valuable for both self-improvement and marketing. Positive reviews can be used in concert promotion, music video promotion, and other marketing efforts.

There are many influential music blogs in the music industry, such as Rolling Stones, Spin, The Fader, Indie Shuffle, Ear Milk, Pitchfork, indie music station, and more.

Many music blogs accept submissions for free or at a minimal cost. This makes it an accessible option for emerging artists looking to promote their music without a significant investment.

Most music bloggers receive large numbers of daily submissions, which has led to the unfortunate reality that most music submissions will not even be looked at as these bloggers cannot go through each and every submission as there is not enough time to do so.

So how do you get your submission to stand out from the rest and get your music heard by bloggers?

The music submissions taken for consideration are the ones that are eye-catching and grasp the bloggers attention instantly. This is why it is imperative that you creatively tailor all the components of your submission, so that you will be able to stand out from the rest of the submissions. The more effort you put into these components, the more it will pay off in the long run as you want your new hit song to be heard!

There are a lot of elements that can gain the bloggers attention, such as your press release, single artwork or even a creative unique subject line to your email music submission.

No matter what music genre you fall under, there is without a doubt a blog out there that matches your genre. This also means that there are music lovers out there who would want to listen to your new tracks,

So you’re probably wondering, what are the steps to submit music to music blogs?

And which music blogs to submit to? We have compiled a list of 7 steps listed below;

1. Find and create a list of music blogs based on your music genre

You need to make certain that you are submitting your music to blogs that feature music from your genre.

There are loads of blogs out there, all featuring different kinds of music. You will need to do your research via Google and social media platforms in order to find music blogs that accept music submissions. Once you have compiled a list of music blogs, start filtering out and choosing the blogs you feel more confident about getting your song featured on. Make sure each site accepts music submissions, not all of them do. The more options you have, the better, as the more music blogs you will be featured on, the more exposure your music will receive. Your music will also gain new listeners, which can lead to your fan base becoming larger.

Make sure your musical genre matches the blog you're trying to contact. Obviously, if you're making hip-hop music, you should search for hip-hop blogs, The same goes for different genres like electronic music, singer-songwriters, indie rock, etc...

Examples of wrong submissions : Indie music filter genres are indie rock and folk, but you're submitting music ninja genres. Or your musical genres is hip-hop music, but you sent your music to a PopJustice music blog.

Also, make sure you're submitting your music to a music blog dedicated to music reviews from emerging artists and not music blogs that are into famous pop music news

Submit your music to blogs
Music Blog Submission

2. Put together your press kit

Why is there a need for musicians to have an electronic press kit (EPK) First off, it makes you look professional and shows that you are the real deal.

Writing a high quality press release will give you a competitive advantage over other musicians, as bloggers will appreciate your attention to detail. If a blogger does not have a lot of time on their hands, your press release will provide them with enough basic information to know if they want to accept your submission and write about your music.

Your press kit should include the following components;

  • Biography and your music genre/style

  • Information about your new music release

  • Music links (Spotify, Soundcloud etc.)

  • Social media links

  • Your official website link

  • Single/album artwork

  • At least 3 photos

  • At least 2 videos (links):

  • Tour dates

  • Contact details are very important.E.g email address

Having an EPK is the best way to show bloggers how serious you are as an artist and is an easy way for them to find out more about your music, if they are interested.

3. Create an email template

When you start submitting your music to music blogs, creating an email template can be helpful in the long run. Even though you will need to personalize every email you send, by establishing an email template, you will save a ton of time because you won't need to start from scratch each time you want to email your music to the artist.

Just to get a concept of how to approach bloggers, look at email templates for submissions to music blogs. Even though it can be tedious to personalize each email, doing so will demonstrate to bloggers that you took the time and care to write them a personalized note. You will become more distinctive as a result of this. Try to avoid sending generic emails to everyone at once that don't contain any of the blogger's personal information. You won't get the outcomes you seek from this.

Music Promotion
Get Your Music on Blogs

4. Research blog contact details and submission guidelines for each blog

When you have compiled a list of the music blogs you want to submit your songs to, you should research and find the contact details of the blog editors on their official website. Even though many music blogs have a music submission form on their website, it is still a good idea to find the contact details of the blog editor, so when you do send a submission email, you can address it to the editor's name, such as " Dear James Brown" and not to a generic name, such as " Dear Blog Editor.".

Because each site is different in some way, you must abide by its specific submission policies. They give you comprehensive instructions on what to do in order to submit anything. If you decide not to adhere to the offered instructions, your submission is likely to be rejected. Numerous musicians commit the error of uploading their music to music blogs without reading or according to the essential rules.

5. Use a music submission platform

Nowadays, there are many services and ways to promote your music and gain the attention it requires, which makes uploading songs a terrific idea. This may be an excellent alternative for you if you're seeking a large collection of music blogs to submit to all at once. You have the opportunity to submit your songs to music curators all over the world thanks to music submission websites.

Our platform, One Submit, is an online music submission platform that gives artists the opportunity to submit their music to music blogs, as well as Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, radio stations, and more!

Once you have submitted your song, a blogger or curator will listen and review it, and if they like what they hear, they will add it to their respective music blog, playlist, or channel.

music submission platform
Use a music submission platform

6. Proofread your email and make sure your links work

If you choose to submit your music via email, you must ensure that you have proofread and scanned your email for grammatical and/or spelling problems before sending it.

Additionally, make sure all of your links to your music, social media, and artwork are active. The last thing you would want is to email a well-known and renowned music blog only to discover that the links you included in the email were broken.

7. Send submissions and follow up!

Once everything is in place, you can start to submit your music to the music blogs you have chosen. If you have chosen to submit your music to blogs via email, a website form, or a music submission platform, just know that there is no "right" way to submit your music. After submitting your music, don’t be shy about following up with blog editors after some time has passed. This will show bloggers your overall eagerness to promote your music via their blog.

The truth is that effort and commitment pay off in the end. Your long-term rewards will be greater the more inspired and professional you are about creating music.

Good luck!

Music Submission
Send Music Submission

Good luck!

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