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How And Why I Started One Submit

We know the struggle of promoting new music. This is one of the main reasons why One Submit was created!
The best place to promote and expose your music

It all started when I was struggling to promote my music. Everything was going great at the studio but when it was time to promote my song, things got tough.

I couldn’t find one reliable platform that could promote my song to different curators

and influencers while saving me the time and hassle of the promotion process.

I saw an opportunity to make a difference and help other artists with their promotion.

The goal was to build the ultimate music submission platform.

The vision was to build a one-stop self-service platform for artists to release their music at adjustable prices. I wanted to give the indie artist the same opportunity as an artist who has signed with a record label with a submission to multiple platforms such as Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, TikTok influencers, blogs, radio stations, and record labels, all in one place.

For each submission you pay for, you’ll receive a written review from a curator.

We know the struggle of promoting new music. This is one of the main reasons why One Submit was created!
Artists review page on One Submit

If a curator likes your song, they will add it to their playlist.

We do NOT guarantee that your song will be placed on any specific playlist or channel,

but we do guarantee that you’ll be properly listened to and reviewed by curators.

Our curators and playlists on One Submit are carefully monitored and analyzed.

For example, we don’t accept Spotify playlists with more than 300 songs and we evaluate every YouTube channel by the average number of streams rather than the number of subscribers, which can be easily manipulated.

We also examine every playlist to check for suspicious bot follower activities.

On our platform, the artist comes first. Thank you

Oren Sharon Music Producer and Founder of One Submit

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