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How To Submit Music To YouTube Channels (Promotion Tips)

Submit music to YouTube channels
Expose your music with YouTube


1. Why Use YouTube To Promote Your Music

2. How To Find The Right YouTube Music Channels

3. What To Know Before Submitting Your Music To A YouTube Channel

4. Contacting A YouTube Channel Curator:

5. Use A Music Submission Platform:

You have worked tirelessly to produce your new quality song. All that hard work needs to be paid off by getting your music heard. New music is constantly being released on YouTube on a daily basis.

In this blog, we are going to show you the best way how to submit your music onto YouTube music channels, and how to promote and expose your new music through YouTube. Sending your music to YouTube music promotion channels will provide you with an extra boost over other music artists in your genre.

1. Why Use YouTube To Promote Your Music

YouTube has altered the way people across the world listen to new music. With over 2.1 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world and is also among the music streaming giants Spotify and Apple Music.

The world is full of music fans who use YouTube to watch and stay up to date with their favorite artists' latest tracks. There is also an abundance of influencers worldwide who are constantly looking to uncover new music from artists and share it with their audience. YouTube music curators are individuals who operate and maintain YouTube channels and upload music from their favorite genres and artists. Some of these music curators have gained an enormous following of loyal subscribers who trust the curator's taste in music.

The ideal scenario for an artist is that they submit their song to a YouTube music channel and if the curator likes their song enough and find it suitable to his/her channel, the curator will upload your song onto their youtube channel. Some YouTube music channels have over a million subscribers, so this is a huge win for any music artist, as this can lead to an artist gaining new song streams and loyal followers.

Submit music on YouTube channels and get your music heard
Get your music heard

2.How To Find The Right YouTube Channels

The best way to find the right YouTube channel to promote your music, is to go on to YouTube and start researching YouTube channels that upload music based on your music genre.

Many people are listening to YouTube music channels by playing a specific channel and let it roll in the background, the same way they are listening to a Spotify playlist, just with the additional video for the song. Additionally when you are listening to a song, you are immediately presented with a large variety of recommended videos. This can make it easier for you to find more songs based on your genre.

3.What To Know Before Submitting Your Music To A YouTube Channel

Promote and expose your music on YouTube channels with One Submit
Gain new followers and song streams on YouTube

A) Does the curator's music genre match mine?

It is vital that you get your music received by a curator that is of the same music genre as your own music. Obviously if you're a Future bass artist, you should not look for Hip Hop YouTube music channels. The reality is that a curator will upload music from one or a few sub genres on their channel. You are wasting valuable time if you submit your music to a curator that is not part of the same genre as your music, as they will decline your submission and in most cases will not bother telling you about it.

Another important thing for you to know is, what type of genre is your music, as some artists are clueless when it comes to their music genre.

B) How many views and comments do their videos receive?

For your sake, you will need to determine if the curator's YouTube videos receives a decent amount of comments and views. This type of engagement can be analyzed, as it reflects the amount of loyalty the channel's followers and subscribers have.

You will have to do your research and see if the videos on certain channels receive a decent amount of views. The more engagement there is, the more likely it will be that the channel followers and subscribers will take time out to research your music and find your songs on music streaming platforms such as Spotify.

It is also important to note that the more engagement a video receives, the better the chances the video will have to be discovered via YouTube search, which will eventually give you an even better chance for your music to reach more listeners.

Promote your new music onto YouTube channels and get your music heard
Promote your new hit song on YouTube music channels

C) How many YouTube subscribers does the channel have?

It is needless to say that a YouTube channel with a significant amount of subscribers will be able to promote your music to a bigger audience. It is therefore worthwhile to submit your music to channels with a larger following. Bear in mind that some YouTube promotion channels easily buy fake subscribers for the sake of selling music placements to artists.

You should always look at the amount of engagement a channel has, views on each video, comments, reply's and likes, these are hard to manipulate. Check if the people commenting are real people with an image and a real YouTube account.

D) How often does the curator upload music to their channel?

The more consistent a curator is in uploading to their channel, the better your chances are to get featured on their channel and expose your music. If a curator last uploaded a video in April 2020, there is no reason to reach out to this curator as they are obviously inactive.

If you see a YouTube channel uploading new videos on a daily or weekly basis, your chances are higher at getting your track onto their channel, then that of a curator who uploads a video once every 3 weeks.

4.Contacting A YouTube Channel Curator:

Once you have compiled a list of YouTube channels, based on your music genre, that you would like to submit your music to, you will need to consider drafting an email template to contact them.

Prior to sending an e-mail to any curator, make sure to include the following key points in your email:

1. Your name & artist name.

2. Brief explanation about yourself and your music.

3. The name of the song you are submitting.

4. Description of your song and the inspiration behind it.

5. Streaming and download links for your song.

6. Request for your song to be added to the curators YouTube channel

7. Social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp & Twitter).

Keep your e-mail short, sweet and to the point. YouTube curators receive hundreds of e-mails daily and do not have the time to read them all.

A very important note is to personalize each email that you send. Do not mass send emails as your chances of being added to their channel will decrease.

Check out our email template example below on how to contact a YouTube Channel curator;

Email Template Example:


Hi [Curator/channel name],

I hope you are doing well

My name is (Your name) I am a singer/songwriter based in [Your location]. I am about to release a new song called [name of your song] on (The date of release).

I would greatly appreciate if you could listen to my song and hopefully be interested in uploading my song onto your YouTube channel.

The song features my own vocals and songwriting. The song [description inspiration and genre of your song]

Streaming and Download Links:

[Insert link here]

If you agree to upload my song to your channel, please can you link my socials? I would be more than happy to re-share your upload, of my music ,on my social media channels in return.

[Insert your social media links here]

I look forward to hearing from you soon and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank You and Kind Regards

[Your name]


Here are examples of some of the largest YouTube Music Channels you can submit music to:

1.5M Subscribers - (One of Our One Submit Curators)

12.8M Subscribers - (Mainly Electronic Music)

861K Subscribers - (Chilled & Deep Electronic Music)

30.4M Subscribers - (Trap Music)

One of the biggest music channels on YouTube, Also has a range of smaller sub-channels.

One Submit is an olnine music submission platform helping artists prmote and expose their new music
Promote your new track with One Submit

5.Use A Music Submission Platform:

If you want to submit your music to YouTube channels with a large following, like Don´s Tunes mentioned above, as well as submit music to Spotify playlists, Music Blogs, Radio Stations and more! One Submit can help!

One Submit is an online music submission platform that helps artists promote and expose their music by giving them the opportunity to submit music to music curators.

Once you create a campaign and upload your song onto the platform, a YouTube channel curator (based on the genre you selected) will listen and review your song. If they like your song, they will add it to their channel. It´s as simple as that!

It´s clearly shown that YouTube is an amazing platform to expose and promote your new music. Every upcoming artist needs to utilize all the resources they have infront of them. Uploading your songs onto YouTube, Spotify and Deezer alone will help promote your music, but getting on user-created playlists can dramatically increase your chances of gaining serious streams for your music, which can overall grow your music career.

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