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Music Promotion

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2,200 Spotify
Playlist Curators

TikTok influencers with
up to 4.8M followers

YouTube channels with
up to 1.5M subscribers

400 Independent 
music blogs

Music Blogs
Radio stations

Online radio stations

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Upload your music - One Submit

Upload your music and submit
it to Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, TikTok influencers, blogs and radio stations.

Choose Music Genres and release date for your music campaign - One Submit

Every submissions gets a review from our organic curators, If they like your music, they will add it to their playlist or channel.

Get your music reviewed but music curators from all around the world - One Submit

Get detailed data about your campaign, watch your fanbase and listeners grow, gain more streams and attract new audiences.

For Artists
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Listen and review new music within your music genre. 

If you own Spotify playlist, blog, radio station, YouTube channel, or TikTok channel, you might be eligible to register.

Choose Music Genres and release date for your music campaign - One Submit

Spotify playlist curators earn from

50%- 60% of each song review. 

Curators earn from 50% up to 60% of each submission - One Submit
Access and discover new artists - One Submit

Access and discover

new indie artists

Artists should be artists
Not promoters

a Female artist

We started as artists. We know how hard it could be to find an effective music promotion service that actually gets your music heard. When we started promoting our own tracks and tried different kinds of music marketing, we tried to reach out independently to music curators, but no one responded to our messages.

We also tried different music promotion sites, but none of them offered an all-around solution. We spent one month creating a song and another month and a half trying to promote the songs. It didn’t make any sense.

This inspired us to change the way artists use music promotion services. Our effort is focused on delivering good results with minimum effort for the artist. Our music promotion service is suitable for independent artists, and it's one of the best music promotion services available on the market today, from indie music promotion, playlist promotion to YouTube music promotion. It is suitable for aspiring music artists as well as  music industry professionals.


We believe artists should be artists, not promoters.

If you need to get your song heard, or If you've got great music, we're here for you.

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Our featured
Blog Articles 


Using an
strategy that will eventually trigger Spotify's algorithmic playlists.
This is how it's done.

online music promotion

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Always looking for the right playlists?
Here are the best Spotify playlists to listen to in 2024

The best Spotify playlists to listen to in 2024

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Spotify have changed the royalties payout starting January 2024. Check out how much will they pay for every stream. 

Success stories of 5 different
independent artists who decided to
break the norm and eventually managed to flourish and make it in the industry.

Blogs are a great way  to get your music exposed and  listened to by new audiences.  Here are 7 best tips on how to get your music onto blogs.

sgcdesignco-NIo8Fd-RngE-unsplash (1)_edi

Spotify's editorial playlists are the holy grail of all Spotify playlists. All artists try to get their music heard. Find out how to submit your tracks to these playlists.

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One Submit

Your smart way to promote music

One Submit is an independent music promotion website dedicated to helping independent artists submit music to curators. We offer Spotify promotion for artists, blogs, online radio, YouTube, and TikTok music promotion.

We are not affiliated with Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube, streaming platforms, social media platforms, Spotify for artists, playlist push, Submithub, music distribution, social media marketing, or any other streaming services.

We do not integrate with your fans or promise additional fans. Our artist services do not include free Spotify playlisting or music video promotion, and we do not promote unreleased music or unreleased tracks.

We help artists promote their music online through playlist consideration, music submission to music bloggers, TikTok influencers, music industry influencers, and other platforms for submitting tracks.

If you're an independent artist, you can promote your music through music submissions and music PR. 
Here you can submit music to Spotify curators, Spotify playlists, YouTube channels,TikTok creators, blogs, radio stations, and submit songs to record labels. We do not integrate with your Spotify playlist, YouTube channel or any other asset.

Service is suitable for electronic music and electronic artists as well.

To use our Spotify promotion services, you music needs to be on the different music streaming services.

Artist music promotion

All music submissions are reviewed, guaranteed. We do not send your tracks releases to Spotify's editorial playlists; we do not guarantee Spotify playlist submission; and our services are not free. All submissions are subject to playlist consideration, and they do not include label placement, Spotify promotion, song feature, or audience on any platform. We do not distribute or generate streams directly, and we do not promise anyone millions of streams. We are working hard for our artists to promote their indie music.

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Check out our TikTok music promotion plan

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Check out the best music promotion services available. Visit our YouTube channel. Join for free on our artist dashboard.
Take a look at the best Spotify promotion services out there. 
To get your upcoming releases featured on "Campaign of the Month," contact us. ​


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Our music promotion services

There are many music promotion companies in the music business, offering different music marketing strategies, from Indie Music Academy to Playlistpush
Our online music promotion services offer help promoting artists, from cheap music promotion that includes single music submissions, to overall music promotion to TikTok influencers, Spotify music promotion, Spotify ads, YouTube channels, radio promotion, and more. 
Music consulting services and social media digital marketing are expected to be available soon. 
Our services are independent music promotions.
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