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Submit Music To Deezer Playlists

Get your songs on Deezer playlists
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  • Deezer Content

  • Deezer Price Plans

  • Deezer vs Spotify

  • Submit Your Music Onto Deezer Playlists

Started in France, Deezer is a music streaming platform similar to that of Spotify, Apple music and Youtube music.

If you are an artist with the goal to promote and expose your music to as many individuals as possible, then look no further as Deezer could be for you. Deezer provides high-quality audio and a decent variety of indie and mainstream tracks. It is an easy to use mobile and desktop app, which prides itself in creating an effective and simple way to listen to music.

After Deezer was founded in 2007, the music streaming platform grew exponentially, spreading to over 180 countries worldwide and grew its active monthly users to 16 million users. Many of these users are Deezer playlist curators who host tracks from a variety of different artists and genres on their different playlists.

Expose and promote your music
Grow your music streams

Deezer Content

Deezer provides premium users with a vast amount of musical content, including a mixing feature, which mixes the tracks you enjoy listening to, with Deezer's own personal recommendations of artists. These Deezer playlists are similar to that of Spotify's Daily Mix playlists.

Deezer has a large variety of entertainment, sport and news podcasts, as well as 32,000 international and local radio stations to choose from. Deezer is also the first music streaming platform to allow radio partners, like TalkSport, to provide live sports commentary to users e.g Football match.

Deezer Price Plans

Listed below are the different pricing plans Deezer offers its users;

  • Deezer Free - Basic free account

  • Deezer Premium - Gives users full access - $9.99/month

  • Deezer Family - Designed and catered to accommodate families. Full access for max 6 users, including a kid-friendly profile - $14.99/month.

  • Deezer Student - Full access at half the price of premium- $4.99/month.

  • Deezer Hi-Fi - Full access + added benefits - $14.99/month.

Deezer and Spotify

Deezer vs Spotify

Deezer and Spotify both have massive music libraries with over 82 million and 90 million songs. Both of these streaming platforms are licensed by independent distributors, as well as well known record labels. This is great news for musicians, as Spotify and Deezer playlist curators won’t have any difficulty finding their music on either of these platforms.

Spotify may have a slight edge over the amount of music genres they have compared to Deezer, however Deezer’s music curation is on the same level as Spotify. On both Spotify and Deezer, every genre has millions of playlists for artists to listen and submit music to e.g Hip Hop, Rock and Jazz etc.

The Spotify and Deezer team have also specially curated playlists catered towards mainstream hits and new music releases.

If you are an artist wanting to promote and submit music, we highly recommend you submit music to Deezer playlists just as much as Spotify playlists.

Artists need to sign up to Deezer for Creators. This will allow artists to claim their Deezer artist profile and be able to gain insights on how many streams their songs are receiving.

submitting your song will help artists get more song streams
Get your tracks placed on Deezer and Spotify playlists

Just like Spotify, Deezer also provides users with an Indie music section that has a wide variety of rich editorial playlists that are curated to focus on moods and eras etc, such as “2000s hits” or “Happy Beats”.

Deezer provides a basic advertising feature for artists to promote their music. Artists can expose their music with Deezer’s sponsored tracks. By paying for this feature, Deezer will amplify your song straight to its users.

Your sponsored track will be promoted through precise audience targeting eg. age, gender, location and similar artists etc. and will lead to your track being streamed, in order to create awareness of your songs, to later on lead to your track being added to a Deezer playlist as well as grow your organic streams and fans.

Spotify and Deezer have roughly very similar music content and features. That being said, both platforms have different approaches to playlist curation. New artists can benefit from using both of these platforms as it gives artists the chance to kick start their music career.

When starting out as a musician, it is an extremely difficult task to be recognised by a record label or influential people in the music industry. Promoting your track on social media platforms like Facebook and creating a new playlist would be a great start to setting up your Deezer profile.

Other artists who are just starting out are also creating their own playlists, as doing this can help them get their music heard.

Ultimately, artists want to promote their new music. Having the opportunity to submit music to Spotify and Deezer playlists, will give artists an added advantage to gain exposure instead of just using one platform.

promote your song on Deezer with One Submit. coming soon
Deezer Playlists

Submit Your Music Onto Deezer Playlists

Deezer playlist music submissions are coming soon to our platform One Submit. To submit your music however, to Spotify playlists, Youtube Channels, Music Blogs, Radio stations and labels, we got your covered. One Submit is an online music submission platform where we give artists the opportunity to expose their music to curators from 6 different platforms.

Once an artist has selected their genre of music and submitted their song, a curator will review their song, and if they like it, the curator will add it to the respective playlist/channel/blog etc.

We are all about connecting artists with music curators.

Deezer also provides artists the option of pitching music directly to the necessary Deezer editors for a possible placement on a Deezer playlist. This is a great opportunity for artists to add tracks to a Deezer playlist

Clich here for the Deezer Label Pitching Form:

Another method for artists to get their songs on to Deezer is to make use of music distribution services like Cd Baby and Tunecore. These services place your song onto platforms like Deezer and Spotify, but they do not however place your song onto playlists on these platforms.

Musicians can work with Deezer to help create a marketing strategy for your next release. Deezer can assist you through interviews and live sessions, which can potentially increase your song streams.

Submit your music to curators from 6 different platforms with One Submit
Get your track listened to by playlist curators

Deezer is an overall great platform for independent artists to promote and expose their songs to new audiences and grow their streams. Even though it may not have the same amount of users as Spotify, it is still a worthwhile platform to grow your song streams on.

Keep producing those great hits and stay focused and your hard work will pay off.


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