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Powerful Organic
Spotify Promotion

Our Spotify promotion is based on playlist submission.
Submit music to Spotify playlists, generate organic streams, trigger the Spotify algorithmic playlists, Get your music heard on music streaming services, and boost your music career, using One Submit







What's included in our
Spotify playlist promotion service?

Spotify playlist submission
Access to our Spotify playlist curators, with up to 2,200 playlists in a wide variety of music genres.Submit your Spotify song to our organic playlist curators with our Spotify promotion campaign.

How does it work?
To use our Spotify promotion service, follow the next steps:

Upload your music
Upload your music by adding your Spotify song.

Choose your music genre
Choose the right music genre from our 450+ listed genres, that perfectly describes your new music. Also, choose your track language.

Submit your music to our curators
Submit your music to Spotify playlisters, our TikTok content creators, YouTube channel owners, music blogs, online radio stations, or record labels. That's right, we're a one-stop music promotion service. Our Spotify promotion services, are one of the best Spotify promotion services available to help artists get their music heard and promote their music careers.

Start your campaign and get your music heard

Once your campaign is launched, our curators will listen to your music and provide a written review of your track.

Spotify playlist placements

Once our music curators find your music suitable for their playlist, they will add it to their playlists.Don't forget, your music needs to be well written and produced in order to land a Spotify playlist placement and generate Spotify plays.

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Genuine Curators

Organic Playlists



Spotify logo

2,200 Spotify
Playlist Curators

TikTok influencers with
up to 4.8M followers

YouTube channels with
up to 1.5M subscribers

400 Independent 
music blogs

Music Blogs
Radio stations

Online radio stations

TikTok logo
YouTube logo
Upload your music - One Submit

Access to our Spotify playlist curators, with up to 2,200 playlists in a wide variety of music genres.
Submit your Spotify song to our organic playlist curators with our Spotify promotion campaign.

Choose Music Genres and release date for your music campaign - One Submit

Feedback is important, Get detailed feedback from our curators

Receive valuable feedback from the gatekeepers of the music industry.
Listen to what they think about your music and improve from song to song.

Get your music reviewed but music curators from all around the world - One Submit

If curators haven’t reviewed your music, you will be refunded for the ignored submissions.

We are proud of our service to be legit Spotify promotion, guaranteed.

Spotify playlist submission

A written review by our Spotify playlist curators.

Money back guaranteed

For Artists
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Your smart way to promote music

Questions and answers


Q. How can I promote music?

A. Our platform is a self service, you can easily and efficiently submit your music

to curators from 6 different platforms, Spotify playlists, TikTok music promotion,

YouTube channels, music blogs, online radio stations and labels.


Q. How would I know if your Spotify promotion is an organic Spotify promotion?

A. We pride ourselves on being very strict when it comes to accepting organic

playlists to our service. If you find any bot playlists on our platform, you will receive

your money back for that submission. We were ranked as the best Spotify promotion

service by Side Line Magazine, ChatGPT, Magnetic Magazine, and more.

Q. What's the difference between One Submit and Playlist Push,

or Indie Music Academy, for example?

A. One Submit is working as a marketplace and plans to expand into more areas in

the music business, Further than that, our prices are much cheaper than Playlist Push,

while still offering similar Spotify promotions.

Q. Are you able to place my song on Spotify editorial playlists?

A. If your song is well written and produced, you can use our promotion service to generate Spotify streams while placing it on our playlists. If you manage to generate enough streams in a short period of time, your song will be noticed by Spotify's algorithmic playlists, from there, it's up to your song to perform and trigger Spotify's editorial playlists, the holy grail of Spotify playlists. Bear in mind that all of the Spotify promotion companies on the market don't have the ability to directly place your song on the editorial playlists.

Q. What more do you offer in your music promotion services?

A. On One Submit you can submit your music to TikTok creators with up to 4.8 Million followers, YouTube music channels, music blogs, online radio stations, labels, and Spotify playlists.


Q. Are you a real Spotify promotion or do you buy Spotify plays?

A. Absolutely not. We do not buy Spotify streams, and we do not guarantee Spotify plays or playlist submissions, it's up to your song to convince the curators that it's the next hit song.

Q. Do you have different Spotify promotion packages?

A. Not exactly, artists can choose their own Spotify promotion package, when choosing the number of playlist submissions, the size of the playlists they want to submit (in terms of the number of followers), and their campaign budget.

Q. How many monthly listeners will I reach after running a campaign?

A. Since our platform is organic, this means the results of your campaign are completely based on your song quality, and the musical fit of the playlists you submit your song to. For that reason, we cannot guarantee Spotify followers, Spotify monthly listeners, saves, or likes.
Our most successful campaigns have managed to get their songs on up to 65 playlists.

Q. What happens if my song is not reviewed?

A. If any curator will not review your song, we will refund you for that specific submission.

Q. Is One Submit the best Spotify promotion service?

A. It's for our clients to say, but we do work hard to earn that title.


Q. Do you offer instrumental music promotion or just Spotify song promotion?

A. You can submit instrumental music and songs in English and Spanish at the moment.


Q. Do you offer Spotify promos or music promo?

A. We offer playlist promotions, or playlist pitching. Every new artist is entitled to a 10% coupon code.

Q. How do I submit my music to the right target audience?

A. You choose your music genre submission, for example, if your song is a folk song, you should choose to submit it to folk playlists,

and reach out to potential new music fans throughout the right playlist.

Q. Do I need a Spotify account to use your service?

A. One Submit is a music submission platform that offers submissions to curators from 6 different platforms, so you can run a campaign without Spotify playlist submission. If you do choose to run a Spotify campaign, you'll need to have your music on Spotify and manage your Spotify for artists profile on Spotify to monitor playlist submissions, playlist plays and other statistics of your new release.


Q. Are you offering social Ad campaign?

A. Social ads through social media platforms are not available yet, but targeted ad campaigns will be available in the next few months.

Our plan is to expand our music marketing services and offer as many services as possible, including Spotify ads.

Q. Can I submit my music to multiple playlists?

Yes, our Spotify promotion services allow you to submit music to multiple Spotify playlists and also simultaneously to curators from other platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, blogs, radio stations, and more.

Q. I'm a curator, how can I apply for the best Spotify playlists list?

Feel free to contact us on using our contact page. 
Feel free to send us your playlists for review, each year we release our best Spotify playlists review and we're always looking for new great playlists.

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Our featured
Blog Articles 

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Read about the upcoming changes that will take effect on January 1, 2024, and their predictable effect on Spotify's royalty pool and the music industry

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How to recognize if a playlist is organic or based on bot followers. The best and easiest way to figure out whether a Spotify-curated playlist is organic, 

Streaming royalty payments on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms, how much revenue will you be making using Spotify and the different streaming platforms,

We have compared and reviewed the 8 most popular and well known digital distribution platforms worldwide.

Getting on Spotify playlists is the goal for every artist. Find out what kind of playlists are there, and how to get your songs on them.

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Spotify's editorial playlists are the holy grail of all Spotify playlists. All artists try to get their music heard. Find out how to submit your tracks to these playlists.

Image by Marcela Laskoski
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Listen and review new music within your music genre. 

If you own Spotify playlist, blog, radio station, YouTube channel, or TikTok channel, you might be eligible to register.

Choose Music Genres and release date for your music campaign - One Submit

Spotify playlist curators earn from

50%- 60% of each song review. 

Curators earn from 50% up to 60% of each submission - One Submit
Access and discover new artists - One Submit

Access and discover

new indie artists


The Ultimate Guide
for Independent Artists Looking to Get Featured on

Spotify Playlists

Hey fellow indie music enthusiasts! Let's have a talk for a moment. You've put your heart and soul into creating your gem and now you're eager to share it with the world. In the world of streaming platforms like Spotify, how can you make sure your top tracks get the attention they deserve?

The secret sauce, my friends, lies in the realm of playlists. Before we jump into the playlist scene lets break it down into bite pieces. Spotify boasts three types of playlists each presenting its set of unique characteristics and hurdles. 

These are crafted by music aficionados like you and me who harbor a love, for exploring and sharing new music. While they might not carry the weight as Spotify playlists landing your songs on a popular user generated playlist can truly be a game changer. Now you may wonder how does one go about submitting their tracks to these playlists? This is why One Submit was created. 


One Submit hosts the best organic Spotify playlists on the music industry, making them available for artists to submit their music to Spotify playlists, music blogs, TikTok music promotion, online radio stations, YouTube channels and labels. For every song submission you will receive a feedback from the music curator, if they like your music, they will add it to their playlist, channel or blog. 

But there's a catch, in order to succeed and land major Spotify playlists, and get noticed by Spotify's algorithmic playlists, your song needs to be very well written and produced. So make sure your song is ready for submission, and get better from song to song. 

Good luck with your music career. 


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