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Spotify Curators Terms and Earnings

Hi Spotify playlist owner,
Please read the review rules before signing up:

- Listen to at least 45 seconds of each song.
- Write an honest review, minimum 100 notes.
- No copy paste reviews, you have to give an accurate review for each song
- If you like the song, add it to your playlist.
- Be kind to artists, even if sometimes you don’t like their songs.
- Be responsive, you have 5 days to review a song, If you are not available,

   use the “Away” option on the settings page.
- Missing a song review might cause your internal rating to drop and will result in less         

   songs being delivered to you.
- You cannot decline all music submitted to you.


Earnings per music review (whether declined or approved)
Playlists with 400 - 8,000 Followers -$1.5
Playlists with 8,001 - 20,000 Followers - $3 
Playlists with 20,001 - 50,000 Followers - $4.5 
Playlists with 50,001 and up - $6 


What is “Direct Submit”?
If you have your own website, blog, or Facebook page, you can direct music requests from artists to your private page on One Submit and earn more money from each song review.
Enabling this “Direct Submit” option will grant you additional 3% earnings for each song
review on One Submit.
You can set up your own price for “Direct Submit” between 3 usd to 9 usd.
and earn from 75% of that amount.
You can find your private link on your settings page.


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