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Artists, What Do We Want?

There are many kinds of music artists, however it seems that they all have one thing in common, which is to get their music heard.
What do music artists want?

There are many kinds of music artists in the world. Some are into jazz and others are into pop music. Some like to perform live all the time, and others feel more comfortable producing in the studio. But it seems that we all have one thing in common:

We all want our music to be heard, we all want to build a fan base, reach out to more audience, more followers.

So what is the best way for an independent artist to be heard?

Today, there are lots of ways to get your music out there and place it on streaming services like Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Apple music and lots of similar

streaming platforms. Google for “Music digital distribution” and do a little research, some of the distributors charge a one time fee, and others charge an annual fee.

Is it possible to earn money from streaming?

Yes, Some of them pay streaming royalties, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube. If your music is heavily rotated, you can make a decent earning from streaming, For example 500,000 streams on Amazon will pay you almost 2,815usd, 2,180usd from Deezer and more then 5,000usd from Napster.

(yeah… they still exist apparently).

Google for “streaming royalties calculator" for exact pricing.

There are many kinds of music artists, however it seems that they all have one thing in common, which is to get their music heard.
What do you need as a music artist?

So will putting my song on a different streaming platform bring more streams to my song?

Digital distribution will place your song on different platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, TikTok, Pandora and more, but it won’t give you streams (unless you already have lots of followers on your artist profile expecting your new song). It’s like placing your product in a giant store on one of the hidden shelves in the store, no one will buy your product unless it’s in a place where people can see it, or listen to it in our case.

There are some ways to get your song heard, generate streams, and grow your audience. One of the most popular ways to do that is by adding your song to a playlist with followers. The more followers the more streams your song will get.

One Submit provides artists with a way to submit their songs to Curators from 6 different platforms:

Spotify curators,

YouTube channel owners,

TikTok influencers,

Radio stations,

Music Blogs

and even record labels (for those of you who are looking to get signed up),

all in one place.

We cannot guarantee that your song will be placed in a specific playlist, as it’s up to the curator to decide if they like your song. We do however, guarantee that your song will be listened to and reviewed. If the curator likes your song, they will add it to their playlist.

When we created One Submit, our goal was to make things easier for the artist.

We wanted to minimize the time it takes to promote music and to maximize the time the artist spends in the studio making their music.

On One Submit, artists choose their budget, how many submissions they want, and the size of the playlists they submit their song to.

Everything is adjustable to your campaign budget.

Good luck.

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